Fellow Policemen and women, my beloved countrymen and to the curious Netizens. You have just access the PNP Health Service (HS) website, Welcome!

The PNP HS rides along the changing of times and technology as we put up our very own website to make information, updates and news more accessible to the public, both PNP and civilians alike. With just a click of the mouse, a tap on your smartphones, and a scroll down on your screens, you are one step closer to PNP’s Health services that aim to provide total healthcare to PNP personnel, their dependents and authorized civilians. We hope to bring our passion to lend our helping hands to you through medical, dental, psychological and other allied medical service. All of these programs were conceptualized and crafted to ensure that our PNP heroes, civilians’ stakeholders and other government affiliations receive health care information on medical, dental, psychological, nursing care and other Allied health services, for we believe that an effective and efficient individual performs best with a sound mind and body. Only when we are able to tune ourselves internally toward good health can we radiate positive change to our communities through our work, studies and even at home.

I earnestly recommend the netizens to take time to read through our various articles and stay updates so that you can participate in our programs and activities geared towards the betterment of your health. Hopefully, you’ve learned a thing or two about our institution and are more aware that PNP HS is always ready to help with a snappy salute and a compassionate heart. God loves us all!!